Marco Santi Boots and Shoe Boots

Our last Marco Santi shoe post was so popular that we decided to put up some more photos. Marco Santi shoes are absolutely gorgeous and something we definitely covet here at Web Sample Sales – and it looks like we’re not alone! We’ve done quite a few cheap designer shoe posts recently, but we just can’t resist!

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Marco Santi ShoesCheap designer shoes

We love shoe boots, and Marco Santi shoe boots will last a lifetime. Now that we’re getting properly into fall, shoe boots are a great way to have the warmth of a boot with the style of a heel. If you have fussy feet or you don’t like wearing heels because they never seem to fit properly, then shoe boots are ideal. They give you all the support of a boot, but look a lot more stylish and are great for fall and winter parties and nights out.

Marco Santi shoe boots are available in a wide range of styles and colors. We love the grey suede look and the black and white spotty shoeboots pictured above. Below we have a classic pair of Marco Santi boots in black, which will go with everything. Wear barefoot or with black tights – no one will notice the peeptoe!

Marco Santi Designer Shoes

Marco Santi is going to be huge, so get in there first and pick up some boots, shoe boots or heels from his latest collection. The bonus is that his shoes are tough to track down, so you won’t see many other people wearing them. You’ll end up with a unique designer look at a less than designer price.