My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dresses

The show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has created a huge split between those who think the weddings are trashy and those who think they are beautiful. Whichever way your opinion lies, you can’t deny that My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding makes for addicting viewing!

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dresses

Occasionally at WebSampleSales, we like to go beyond the designer look to slightly more distinctive looks, and we think that the brides from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding are extremely brave in their choice of wedding dress.

The pink wedding dresses are even more eye-catching, and make a change from the traditional white or ivory if you’re looking to make a statement. We admire the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding brides and bridesmaids for their bold use of puffball dresses, multiple floaty layers and big tiaras.

My Big Fat Gypsy weddings don’t come cheap, and the dresses are no exception. The weddings are rumored to cost the equivalent of more than a hundred thousand dollars, and are usually closer to $200,000. As the wedding dresses are so big, they require a lot more fabric which pushes the price up. A typical My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dress is also embroidered with hundreds of small diamond-style jewels on the bodice, which are often hand-sewn in the same manner as young girls’ pageant dresses. These intricate details add to the cost, and don’t forget the additional bumping up of the price just because it’s a wedding dress.

With that said, this style of wedding dress really does make you feel like a princess, and makes it impossible to mistake who the bride is – a potential nightmare on your special day.

Here are two of our favourite dresses from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding:

Gypsy Wedding Video

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, here’s a quick clip from it:

Do you love My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, or think they are way too trashy to wear? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.