Reese Witherspoon Style

As part of a new feature on our designer sales blog, we’re going to be looking at a series of different celebrities’ styles and showing you wear you can find the same or very similar dresses, shoes, bags, jeans, trousers, jewelry and more.

So whether you love designer clothes and designer sales or you want to copy celebrity style and celebrity couture at a fraction of the cost, we’ve got something great for you.

First up is Reese Witherspoon. The Reese Witherspoon style is super easy to copy if you know what you’re looking for. Reese is an actress and busy mom, which means she has everything from designer black tie outfits and designer dresses to slouch pants and sunnies to do the school run.

Reese Witherspoon Style

If we were to describe Reese Witherspoon style decisions further, we’d say it’s a typical American look with something of British overtones in her light floral dresses, block colour designer heels and casual pants. One of the staples of Reese’s wardrobe is her black cardigan – and you can copy her easily as they are widely available from $9.99 to $199.99 depending on where you buy. Another easy to copy staple is Reese’s black leggings, which aren’t an groundbreaking designer fashion item but are simple and cute, especially if you have good legs like Reese.

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Red Carpet Style

Reese has a cute babyface, so even approaching middle age she can get away with the style of a twenty-something year old. Reese Witherspoon style for the red carpet is very classy, but again she has a signature twist, getting the balance just right. Reese Witherspoon’s style and attention to detail with her red carpet couture means she looks classy but not boring, avoiding the common stereotypes of fashion magazines. Reese Witherspoon proves you don’t have to wear a deliberately attention-seeking outift to stand out on the red carpet, and as an established actress we think that she is one beautiful fashionista!

Reese Witherspoon Fashion

Reese Witherspoon fashion is suitable for a wide range of occasions, and we really wish she’d bring out her own celebrity clothing line – but she’s a busy lady, so we’ll forgive her if she doesn’t have time! Reese Witherspoon fashion generally consists of practical and relatively simple designer clothes, which is great for a classy and sophisticated look that doesn’t take too long to put together.

Celebrity Style

Happily, this means that whether you’re a party animal or you prefer casual clothes, Reese Witherspoon’s style has something you can identify with at some level. She shows that you can have a stylish wardrobe that’s also comfortable, and she makes the ‘what to wear’ pages of fashion magazines on a regular basis.