Christmas Party Style Guide

Girls, if you’re wondering what to wear to your friends’ or work Christmas party, look no further than our style guide! It’s packed with tips, but if you want to add your own comments or experiences, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

Tip #1 Location, location, location

Think about the venue’s location. If it involves a lot of walking and stairs to get to, it’s worth wearing flats to travel there and then switching to your high heels for the party itself. It’s no fun turning up to a party with hurty feet, and you’ll be glad of your flats after a long night out. The thin ballet shoes that fold up easily work really well.

Bonus tip: Be careful of short skirts and dresses on escalators and stairs!

Tip #2 Wear something you’re comfortable in

There’s no point wearing something gorgeous if you know you’re going to be picking at the shoulders, pulling down the hem etc. all night. Wear something you know will work without you having to worry if it’s sitting right.

Tip #3 Choose what you wear based on the situation

Don’t wear your favorite designer clothes or shoes if you know that the party is going to end up rowdy with drinks getting spilled. Save your best shoes for more demure nights in classy locations. Avoid dry clean only if you’re expecting the night to end up wild, and try to avoid expensive scarfs and coats which may get lost when you get drunk!

Tip #4 Add a splash of color

If you’re going for flattering black, jazz up your outfit with a pair of bright shoes or boots. Alternatively, if you’re going for bold colors or patterns, opt for simple black or single color heels for a more dramatic look.
Happy holidays everyone!