Cheap Designer Dresses

Designer dresses are amongst the most expensive designer clothes you can buy…if you’re like me and work out the cost per wear that is. I don’t know about you, but I tend to wear designer dresses far less than designer shoes, mainly because I don’t like to wear the same outfit very much. And also because I don’t have that many occasions to wear special dresses!

When I do buy designer dresses, Gucci and Versace are usually amongst my first choice of brands. The quality is just amazing and the cuts are very classic. I wouldn’t say no to Alexander McQueen or Chanel though!

Discount designer dresses are ideal for almost all occasions, including weddings, christenings, corporate and black tie events, awards ceremonies, funerals, graduation, anniversaries and more. A Gucci dress is much more subtle than a Gucci bag for example, which means you can wear something designer without looking like you’re showing off (or showing someone else up!). Buying your designer dress online gives you the opportunity to hunt down the best discounts and special offers, but always try your dress on when it’s delivered and don’t compromise on the final look just because of the designer brand or heavy price tag.

Designer Dress

Make sure your bargain dress fits you properly from every angle and flatters you as much as possible; big events are nerve-wracking enough without you worrying about whether your dress looks good on. Discount designer dresses are also, very occasionally, discounted for a reason, so be sure to look out for loose or missing threads and buttons. Review returns policies carefully before buying, and think about the hassle of returning your designer dress even if there is a good policy in place.

Depending on the event, a designer dress can look understated and elegant without any extras. However, for a wedding you’ll probably want a wedding hat or wedding fancy to coordinate. Try to buy this at the same time as your dress, and if you’re choosing anything other than black or white, match it as closely as you can, or go for a completely different colour if you’re not sure (for example hot pink would work well with a simple black dress). A beautiful necklace adds the finishing touch…well apart from those gorgeous designer heels of course. Don’t be tempted to over accessorize – keep it simple to look classy, and never team cheap costume jewelry with your designer dress.

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