Designer Sale Shopping

Whether you’re shopping online or offline, sales are always fun. But to grab the best designer bargains, you need to a go to a designer sample sale or overstock sale prepared! Here are our top six tips for making the most of a designer sale.

1. Wear comfortable shoes

It’s tempting to head off to a designer sale in designer heels; after all, plenty of shoppers will be wearing this season’s Gucci or Prada. But if you have to wear designer shoes at the sale, go for flats. They aren’t as exotic, but your feet will be grateful and you’ll be more comfortable…meaning more shopping! At big sales and malls, you’ll also be able to walk around faster and grab items before other shoppers.

2. Get your budget sorted beforehand

This is especially important if you’re a real shopaholic. There’s not much point snapping up so many designer bargains that you end up in debt, or waste time at sales unsure if you can afford something or not. Although we would recommend paying by card rather than carrying lots of cash around, work out how much you have to spend before you get to the sample sale. You don’t want to miss out on something good or look like a cheapskate!

3. Plan ahead

Make sure you have everything you need, especially if it’s going to be a long day. Take a minimum amount of stuff and a small bag so you don’t hurt your shoulders or back carrying it around for long periods. It’s also a good idea to take a foldable bag or two, so you can sling shopping on your back to distribute the weight more evenly. Don’t buy too much if you’re walking home or using public transport.

4. Always buy in the right size

It’s tempting to buy a designer top or jeans that you love, even when they aren’t available in your size. Don’t do it! They will just end up unworn at the back of your wardrobe for years to come. Don’t be spontaneous in buying at sample sales – take the time to think about whether it will fit, what it will look like, and what else in your wardrobe goes with it.

5. Be aware of return policies

Designer sales have different return policies, so make sure you look them up beforehand. There’s no point buying $50 jeans on special when you return them for store credit and find that there’s nothing under $200 in the store.

6. Don’t be afraid to customize

If there’s a designer top or bag you love but it only comes in horrible colours, think about how you can customise it. Many clothes can be dyed easily and cheaply using your washing machine and supermarket dye. Beads and lace trim can go a long way towards ugly logos and finishings, and a needle and thread can be used to repair small areas of damage.