Reese Witherspoon Hair

We’re going to get a break from designer sales and sample sales today to look at Reese Witherspoon’s hair styles – keep an eye out for our follow up post on Reese Witherspoon fashion to find out how you can copy her wardrobe with designer deals and discount bargains!

Reese also has a strong red carpet look, and you can tell that her hair is styled to perfection. To get Reese Witherspoon hair, you can adopt one of her two iconic looks: poker straight hair or soft curls. For poker straight hair, we recommend GHDs – there are a lot of hair stylers and hair straighteners in the market, but nothing can surpass GHD stylers.

They are definitely worth the investment and if you look after them they will last for several years. For soft curls like Reese Witherspoon’s hair, we recommend the Jose Eber curling tong. Take a look at all GHD stylers and all curling tongs.

Reese Witherspoon has lovely soft hair, and it’s not that thick so perfect if you don’t have the thickest hair. Thinner hair is easy to style and if you do have thick locks, you can always get your hair feathered or cut in layers so it gives the illusion of being less thick. If you’re looking for ways you can make your hair as soft and shiny as Reese’s, check out the fantastic GHD shampoo range. It will make your hair beautifully soft and shiny, and it’s the best shampoo we’ve ever used.

We’ve chosen to look at Reese’s hair styles today because they are an iconic part of the Reese Witherspoon style machine. In real life, away from the red carpet, Reese’s hair is very simple, reflecting the fact that she’s a mom and has other things to worry about. Great news for us, we love Reese Witherspoon hair styles and the fact that they are easy to copy at home makes them even more attractive!

Reese is usually seen with shoulder length blonde hair, although she has on occasion gone much shorter – we personally prefer the shoulder length look as it’s more versatile (although at the same time, usually more high maintenance than shorter hair). To get the Reese Witherspoon hair colour, you can choose from two shades of blonde – white blond or honey blond. We prefer ice blonde for spring and summer and honey blonde for fall and winter. Take a look at Reese Witherspoon hair pictures below and print them out for when you next get your hair styled. Even if you don’t have blonde hair and you don’t want to get it dyed, you can still replicate Reese Witherspoon’s hair styles with your own special twist of being brunette or red haired for an original look.

To get your own version of Reese Witherspoon hair, you can see that you don’t actually need that much in the way of hair styling products, which makes it a cheap but effective look to copy. She needs a simple style that is good to go in minutes. Reese Witherspoon’s hair is more often than not shoulder length and loose, making it a very easy celebrity hair style to copy. To get this effect, simply wash your hair fresh, towel dry and then blow dry with a good quality hair dryer.