Why aviator sunglasses are here to stay

It’s common knowledge that trends change over time, from fashion to food, carpets to cars and entertainment to exercise, which is what makes aviator sunglasses
unique. Whilst their popularity has seen a recent rise, they’ve never really been out of fashion, but how have they kept this up for over 50 years?

First introduced for pilots by Ray-Ban back in the 30’s, they were first in the public eye when several paparazzi snapped General Douglas MacArthur wearing them as
he landed on the beach in World War II.

They were then sold to the public a year later by Ray-Ban but the 60’s gave the aviators their biggest rise in popularity thanks to celebrities choosing to adopt the style. The 80’s gave the aviator another boom with Tom Cruise wearing them in the hugely popular 1986 film “Top Gun”. Since then, countless other celebrities have endorsed the aviator style from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Sylvester Stallone and Nicole Kidman.

The large lenses and unique shape of the aviators is what gives them that stylish look, and, as you’d expect, other manufacturers such as Tom Ford and Oakley soon
jumped on the bandwagon with their own take on Ray-Ban’s aviator sunglasses. The aviator style is not just for looks though, the large, uniquely shaped lenses means the eye area is completely covered, reducing light leakage into the eyes and the associated glare.


With rumours of a “Top Gun II” film on the way, the aviators could see another massive boost to their already famous reputation. It’s not just the celebrity endorsements, large lenses, or the unique shape that they can thank their popularity too though, but also the vast array of styles and colours available. With many other top-name manufacturers from the likes of Tom Ford and Oakley also producing aviator sunglasses, there’s a style and colour to suit every occasion, gender and age.

With both top-name and “no name” manufacturers now producing aviator sunglasses, the prices vary hugely from as a little as a few pounds right up to several hundred. If you’re looking for a pair of aviators, as with all sunglasses, ensure the lenses block 100% of UV rays and if possible, buy from a reputable shop or online retailer. If you specifically want Ray-Ban aviators, their most popular model is the Ray-Ban RB3025 which comes in tens of different colours, some with polarised lenses, some with mirrored lenses. They also produce small aviators (RB3044), folding aviators (RB3479), and titanium aviators (RB8041). The small aviators are perfect for smaller face shapes or a more discreet look whilst the folding aviators ooze practicality with no compromise on style. Ray-Ban’s titanium aviators are exceptional quality frames, that are both lightweight and strong.

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