The Benefits of a Mini Back Pack & Why You NEED One

Struggling on the commute with a handbag and a laptop bag should be a thing of the past. We all know the pain of having to carry a plethora of bags with us, just to get to work. Armed with our laptops, books, notes, stationery, lunch as well as the multitude of gadgets that we take with us, it seems we need suitcases, as opposed to handbags. And the pain that you suffer from carrying all these goods around on one arm is excruciating! Here’s the secret: mini backpacks. Fashionistas of the world need not worry about looking unstylish, there are so many amazing and stylish looking mini backpacks available, that you no longer have to suffer on the commute to work ever again!

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The mini back pack is a seriously stylish way of carrying everything you need, and not suffer from chronic shoulder pain in the process. They come in a wide range of materials, fabrics and patterns to suit any stylish woman’s needs. Take a look at this backpack for example. It is gorgeous, in supple leather and in a stunning, sleek design; you would be foolish not to invest in one. Why not stop at one? The whole collection just oozes elegance.

The benefits to using a mini backpack are endless. Aside from the obvious health benefits, in that you do not cause stress on your skeletal system, they should be also be carried in a certain way to avoid adding unnecessary stress to your lumbar region. A back pack centres the weight of the load on your hips, while spreading the weight evenly across your shoulders. This means that you do not have the pain of carrying all the weight on your one shoulder, which can cause a multitude of health problems as well as continual soreness within in your shoulder. Aside from the pain, not using a backpack can cause poor posture. For any aspiring fashionista, poor posture is a definite no-no.

There are additional benefits too: you can keep yourself much more organised than what you would with a handbag, with handy zip compartments and sections to keep your things, you will be the epitome of organised professional, even if it only extends to keeping your luggage organised!

Back packs do not have to be the staple of college attendees and students. Forget the nylon backpack of yesteryear, with dodgy cotton handles and the ever impending fear that it would break the minute that you put your belongings in them. What is more they have made serious waves within fashion circles world over. The catwalk has displayed their love of the backpack, and with all the major celebrities carrying their load on their backs, there has never been a better time to make such a contemporary fashion choice, that not only looks amazing but also displays clear health benefits.

In short, backpacks really are too cool for school, and that is why so many professional women are opting for them as their luggage item of choice.

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