Why aviator sunglasses are here to stay

It’s common knowledge that trends change over time, from fashion to food, carpets to cars and entertainment to exercise, which is what makes aviator sunglasses
unique. Whilst their popularity has seen a recent rise, they’ve never really been out of fashion, but how have they kept this up for over 50 years?

First introduced for pilots by Ray-Ban back in the 30’s, they were first in the public eye when several paparazzi snapped General Douglas MacArthur wearing them as
he landed on the beach in World War II.

They were then sold to the public a year later by Ray-Ban but the 60’s gave the aviators their biggest rise in popularity thanks to celebrities choosing to adopt the style. The 80’s gave the aviator another boom with Tom Cruise wearing them in the hugely popular 1986 film “Top Gun”. Since then, countless other celebrities have endorsed the aviator style from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Sylvester Stallone and Nicole Kidman.

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Alexander McQueen Phone Case

I only came across Alexander McQueen phone cases recently, but they are the cutest phone cases I’ve seen in a long time. The Alexander McQueen phone case range is also super practical as all the phone cases are made out of soft leather, so if they get wet in the rain you don’t have to worry.

Each case comes with a gorgeous skull charm, but you can add your own additional charms if you want your Alexander McQueen phone case to be unique. Each case also has the legend’s name, ‘Alexandar McQueen’ embossed into the leather towards the bottom of the case in capital letters. The Alexander McQueen phone case may seem like an expensive purchase, but a high quality phone case will last for years, and Alexander McQueen is so iconic that it’s worth buying for that alone.

All the phone cases are made for BlackBerry users. Here are some pics so you can see how gorgeous these phone cases are:

Alexander McQueen BlackBerry Case

Alexander McQueen Pony Leopard SkullCharm Phone Case

Alexander McQueen Phone Case

Beautiful! Drop us an email and tell us which is your favourite; we particularly like the attention grabbing pink case, but then the leopard print phone case is pretty cool too. If you hear of any Alexander McQueen phone case discounts, please email us as we’d love to be able to offer discount codes but haven’t managed to track any down as yet.