Best Toning Shoes and Shape Up Shoes

Shape up shoes, which reportedly help tone your legs and butt have been popular for a while now, and whilst they aren’t strictly designer brands, they are from well-known sporting brands and copycat companies.

These shoes are kind of expensive considering that they aren’t designer, but shoes that promote a better body sound good to me!

If you wear high heels a lot, especially designer heels, it’s good to give your feet a break from time to time. These sneakers, trainers and sport shoes will do just that, and help you shape up at the same time.

Bargain Toning Shoes

Getting discounts on toning shoes is much harder and they don’t often go on sale. You certainly won’t find them in online designer sales or sample sales! The best thing to do is find a website which offers a discount and be ready to check out online shoe sales.

Unlike their designer shoes, ordering from the manufacturer isn’t necessary as there are very few fakes around and plenty of reputable suppliers. Ordering straight from the brand’s website can be the most expensive option, so remember to check for cashback offers and discount codes before checking out! The best easy tone, shaping and toning shoes are made by Reebok and Skechers, so get shopping at eBay to find the best bargains.

Do toning shoes really work?

The jury’s still out on this one; some people swear by shape up shoes, whereas others think they are just a gimmick. Having tried some Avon toning sandals myself, I was surprised to find that my legs, particularly my calves, had to work a lot harder going upstairs. However, I believe that you’d have to wear your shape up shoes all the time to see any noticeable benefits, and of course you won’t see a difference unless you have a healthy diet and active lifestyle anyway. But they’re worth a try, definitely! Especially as you can now get shoes, sandals and boots to cover all seasons of the year.

Good luck, and have fun toning up with the best toning shoes and shape up shoes!


Another day, another shoe post here at Web Sample Sales. Today we’re focusing on TOMS – a fantastic shoe brand with ethical benefits. To find out more about TOMS shoes and why you should buy TOMS shoes, read on…

TOMS shoes


TOMSWhilst not strictly a designer brand, the benefits of buying TOMS shoes were too great for us to ignore, so if you aren’t fussy about wearing designer shoes ALL the time, TOMS are definitely worth a look. What makes TOMS different to other shoe brands is that for every one pair of TOMS shoes you buy, they will give another pair to a child in need. You get shoes, a deserving child gets shoes, everybody wins! I personally think it’s a fantastic idea, and they are super affordable too, so they make a nice gift with extra benefits.

TOMS Shoes

All the pictures on this post are of TOMS shoes, and as you can see they have a very distinctive style. TOMS canvas shoes are a great lightweight shoe for summer; they’re lighter than VANS and cheaper too. TOMS are available in a huge range of styles and colours, so you can buy a few pairs to go with different outfits. Although they may be a bit cold for this time of year, they are perfect for spring and summer months and will really set off your outfit. TOMS are tipped to be huge again for 2012, so get buying before you miss out! Our personal favourites are the flowery ones (shown top), but we can never resist leopard print shoes or spotty shoes either!


Nine West Shoes

If you’re looking for designer shoes for 2010 or 2011, then Nine West is a good choice. Whilst not strictly a designer brand, they have that designer edge to them and best of all – they’re effectively cheap designer shoes and very high quality to boot.

We’ve decided to focus this post specifically on office shoes – so shoes you can wear to work and still feel attractive even if your shoes have to be quite plain. Plain doesn’t have to equal boring, especially when it comes to Nine West shoes!

To round off the post, we’re including some Nine West black shoes which you may be able to get away with for work (depending on your office environment), but even if you can’t, they’re ideal for keeping in your car and changing into after work for a Friday night out, office party, or drinks with the girls. It’s always wise to have a spare pair of shoes on hand just in case!

Nine West Shoes 2011 / 2012

Nine West shoes

Above left: Nine West Bofire, $49.99 at Piperlime
Above right: Candyce, $39.99 at Nine West

Perfect for the office, these Nine West shoes accommodate both classic styling and an individual look (left and right images respectively).

Nine West Black Shoes

Nine West black shoes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, making them ideal for pretty much any occasion. Going for classic Nine West shoes means that they won’t date as quickly and will go with more outfits and more occasions – fantastic if you hate wearing in shoes all the time. Below are a few of our favourites:

Nine West black shoes

As you can see, Nine West shoes are extremely affordable and attractive, so they get our seal of approval! Nine West shoes, Nine West sandals, and Nine West gladiator sandals are all available and will go perfectly with black tights at this time of year.

Nine West Sale

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Marco Santi Boots and Shoe Boots

Our last Marco Santi shoe post was so popular that we decided to put up some more photos. Marco Santi shoes are absolutely gorgeous and something we definitely covet here at Web Sample Sales – and it looks like we’re not alone! We’ve done quite a few cheap designer shoe posts recently, but we just can’t resist!

Check out the fantastic Marco Santi shoes below, and sign up to our newsletter to find out where you can buy them with the biggest discounts and at the cheapest prices.

Marco Santi ShoesCheap designer shoes

We love shoe boots, and Marco Santi shoe boots will last a lifetime. Now that we’re getting properly into fall, shoe boots are a great way to have the warmth of a boot with the style of a heel. If you have fussy feet or you don’t like wearing heels because they never seem to fit properly, then shoe boots are ideal. They give you all the support of a boot, but look a lot more stylish and are great for fall and winter parties and nights out.

Marco Santi shoe boots are available in a wide range of styles and colors. We love the grey suede look and the black and white spotty shoeboots pictured above. Below we have a classic pair of Marco Santi boots in black, which will go with everything. Wear barefoot or with black tights – no one will notice the peeptoe!

Marco Santi Designer Shoes

Marco Santi is going to be huge, so get in there first and pick up some boots, shoe boots or heels from his latest collection. The bonus is that his shoes are tough to track down, so you won’t see many other people wearing them. You’ll end up with a unique designer look at a less than designer price.