Your Christmas dress dilemma sorted

Christmas is one of the most stressful times of year, and not just because of the presents. Because of the festive outfits we need to put together too! How can one event be so stressful? Well, now is the time to stop worrying. We’ve got your Christmas dress dilemma sorted, so sit back, relax, and pick your perfect outfit!

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is an absolute classic. You can’t deny that it’s the perfect, foolproof addition to any wardrobe and is especially perfect for Christmas. Black slims you down, and always looks expensive. You can trust black when you’re having doubts about everything else!

The Little Red Dress

Wait; there’s a new little dress in town this year, and it’s red! With it being Christmas, you can afford to swap the black for a little red. It’s wonderfully festive, and just screams ‘confidence!’. It’s also a whole lot sexy, so you should wear this kind of dress with pride!

The Little White Dress

Another little dress in town, but what color could this be? White, of course! White is the new ‘it’ shade, but there are a few warnings I’ll give you regarding it first. There’s the worry of spilling something on it. There’s also the fact that it isn’t quite as flattering as black, so you may want to invest in some shaping underwear.


The festive season is all about sequins! In fact, sequins have been around for a few months now. The ‘mermaid’ trend is all the range. Go for sequins in shade of green, blue, and purple to make the most impact. If you want a more Christmassy feel however, you should go for gold or silver.

DIY Sequin Maxi Skirt 5
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Maybe sequins make you itch; it’s understandable. They aren’t the most comfortable to wear at times. Go for metallics instead! These are big news too. They look especially festive and will add a special touch to your outfits.

Now you know the kind of colour/effect you should be going for with your dress, here are some other things to consider:

  • It isn’t all about dresses. You could easily wear a top tucked into a skirt.
  • You can pick a specific theme to stick to if you wish, such as vintage. This looks spectacular around Christmas time.
  • If you’re attending an event that’s a little more casual, try a fun Christmas jumper tucked into a sequinned skirt. Brogues on your feet will dress up the look while keeping you comfortable.
  • Your accessories are important too! Make sure you wear bracelets, necklaces, and rings where needed. Accessories can turn a plain dress into something amazing.
  • Finally, take the shape of the dress into account. Know your body type and what suits it. Aim to show off your best bits and cover up the bits you really don’t like. This way you’ll be confident and comfortable while turning heads.

Use this guide when finding a Christmas dress and you can’t go wrong. You’ll look festive and flirty in all of the right proportions. Have fun!

Save money on romantic gestures

Whether you have a special occasion coming up or you just want to be spontaneous it is nice to be able to treat our loved ones. The good news is that when it comes to romantic gestures and treating the ones we love there are hundreds of ideas out there. This helps to ensure that whatever your partner is most likely to enjoy, there will be something to suit.

It is easy to assume that in order to treat your loved one, you have to spend a fortune. However, what is actually most important is the time and effort you put into it. Giving someone something that they will really love and appreciate is far more important than how much you spend.

Romantic Gestures That Don’t Cost The Earth

Think about what your partner is most likely to enjoy and plan something around this. You know them better than anyone else, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. A popular choice is putting together a picnic. These can be relatively inexpensive and packed full of all of their favourite foods. When the weather is nice you can go outside to a local park or you could have a carpet picnic at home if the weather is bad.

It is really about the thought that you put in, anything can be romantic if put together with thought and as a surprise. Breakfast in bed, a duvet day with all of their favourite films, a surprise get together with friends or trip away somewhere are all ideas that work well.

Saving Money on What You Do

If you have bit of money to spend then get booking things that you can do together. Often you save money by booking things like hotel and travel in advance, so this is something that you should be aware of. Websites like Groupon and Living Social are great ways to save money on things like dinner and drinks out.

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Finishing Off The Event Perfectly

Depending on the occasion you could end the evening differently. Of course, a big finale would be to end with a surprise engagement! If you do want to give them a ring to symbolise love then you need to make sure you get it right. There are plenty of jewelry websites and blogs online that can help with ideas. Click here for wedding rings Houston inspirational ring ideas. Of course it could also be a ring just to symbolise eternity or that you would like to renew your vows – the possibilities are endless.

Great ways to end an evening include under the stars on a warm summers evening, in a posh hotel or simply going home to spend the evening together with a bottle of bubbly. It is about doing things as a couple that you would enjoy together. Just remember if you are going to this much effort to keep it a secret and tell as few people as possible, you don’t want all of your hard work being undone at the last minute!

Designer Sample Sales

Designer sample sales are a great opportunity to pick up some fantastic fashion bargains. However, designer sample sales aren’t for everyone. As you know, designer clothes tend to run small, and as sample sales are limited, you may have trouble getting items in your size – particularly if you wear one of the most common dress sizes. However, if you’re tiny, designer sample sales can be fantastic.

If you’re looking for bargain designer accessories however, then sample sales are practically guaranteed to appeal to you. Whilst designer shoes again depend on size, jewelry, purses and other bags suit anyone and everyone. Sample sales are a great way to source rare and new premium designer accessories such as Fendi bags and Gucci purses in classic colours such as black and white. If you’re a fashionista who prefers to set trends and be seen with the latest designer shoes or jeans, it’s definitely worth tracking down sample sales in your area to get huge discounts on premium brands.

Designer sample sales are often limited to big cities, meaning that LA sample sales and NYC sample sales are easier to come across but people in other areas may not be as lucky. This is where the internet comes in; you can track down tons of sample sales online. You have to be organised though as many online sample sales last a matter of hours (most frequently a day), so it’s important to sign up to as many newsletters as possible and check your emails on a regular basis so you don’t miss out. Subscribing to big fashion blogs and designer brands’ websites can also help you stay on top of web sample sales. However, remember that online designer sales sell out super fast and are even more competitive than exclusive offline sales.

Discount Designer Handbags

We’ve seen some super cute designer handbags and messenger bags on sale recently, so we thought we’d share the links. You’ll have to move fast though or you’ll miss out! We’ve got Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana and Versace in classic red and black colours which will accessorize your outfits for a lifetime.

Designer bags are always investment pieces because they are much slower to date, will always fit, and suit women of any age. We love our shoes and our jewelry too, but there’s nothing quite like the look, feel and smell of a gorgeous designer handbag, messenger bag or clutch purse.

Check out our favourite designer bags of the week below!

Reduced Fendi Bag


This is such a classic style, and it’s versatile enough to go with anything you own. It’s a small purse, but will last you a lifetime and great for carrying your money and cell. Whenever you think ‘designer bag’, Fendi is always the first brand that comes to mind and it’s well-known for super high quality bags and the prominent Fendi logo.

Discounted Versace Bag


You can save a stupidly good $1750 on this bag right now, so it’s definitely the time to buy! The bright red demands attention from everyone who sees it. Fantastic with bright red lipstick and red heels. Wearing a subtly coloured outfit (such as a black dress) will also help you set this Versace bag off properly and give it the prominence it deserves. Avoid wearing red clothes with this as it will be too ‘matchy’ and almost impossible to get the right shade to avoid clashing.

Clearance Fendi Bag


Another classic Fendi for those who like an understated and classy looking purse. It’s heavily discounted and won’t be around for long. A solid investment piece, this designer bag is absolutely beautiful and needs snapping up at this discount price!

Dolce & Gabbana Messenger Bag


This messenger bag is completely different to the others, but it’s a great practical choice for the office which is why we had to mention it. Perfect with a suit, and great if you have a lot of of things to carry around such as notebooks, laptops, paper, files, documents and other work essentials.

Edit: This post has been updated to reflect the fact that unfortunately these bags are no longer available. Sorry girls!