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Wedding Dresses 2013

If you’re going to be a bride in 2013, chances are you’re looking to find out what’s going to be in style dress-wise. For most women, the wedding dress is the most important consideration of the day, and with fittings, styles, shapes, fashions, colours and designer vs. non-designer options, it can be a hugely time-consuming and involved process.

To those who say ‘It’s just a dress you’re going to wear for a few hours’, we say no!!! A wedding dress is so much more than that. It summarises your tastes, your emotions, the style of your wedding in general, and of course will be something everyone will look at and want to know about for years to come (think of the great-grandchildren pouring over your wedding album). Picking a wedding dress that won’t look out of fashion in five years or fifty years is an extremely difficult task.

Your wedding dress has to be comfortable enough so you enjoy your day, it has to work perfectly with your theme, accessories and shoes, it has to be easy to photograph and look good in all kinds of photos from disposable cameras to professional DSLRs. So, it’s not ‘just a dress’!

Here at Web Sample Sales we tend to focus on designer fashion, including designer wedding dresses. But we’re not opposed to high street and off the peg wedding dresses either! Here are some tips for what’s going to be big in the wedding world for 2013.

2013 wedding dresses

The trends for wedding dresses for 2013 are pretty varied, allowing you to be much more flexible with what you choose to wear for your wedding compared to previous years.

Runway wedding dresses for 2013 include:

  • Color – don’t be afraid to go beyond white and ivory as colored wedding dresses are in for 2013, particularly crimson.
  • Portrait backs and sexy backs – the emphasis is on the back for 2013, so think about what your dress will look like as you’re walking down the aisle.
  • Tulle and Lace – classic and pretty, this traditional fabric can be incorporated into various parts of your wedding dress or simply used for your veil.
  • Keyhole closings – these are big.
  • Convertible wedding gowns – designed so you can remove huge skirts or trains for a slinky reception look without the need for a whole new outift – it’s like a 2 in 1.
  • Peplums – Big in haute couture for 2012, you can use hip-peplums for waist-defining or accentuating regardless of your body shape.

Designer wedding dresses

The ‘ones to watch’ for 2013 when it comes to designer label wedding dresses are:

  • Alexander McQueen wedding gowns – Still popular thanks to last year’s Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress designer is a great choice for any bride to be.
  • Lace is on-trend and is particularly noticeable in Christos’ and Jim Hjelm’s wedding dresses.
  • Reem Acra’s convertible wedding gown combines a horsehair-trimmed tulle skirt with a bead-encrusted mini.
  • Revisit last season’s Vera Wang. The black and nude collection provided inspiration for 2013’s crimson wave.

What wedding dress style are you going for in 2013? Let us know in the comments!

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Prom Dresses 2012

Prom dresses and ball gowns are on every girl’s mind at this time of the year. Some people want a stunning dress that they’ll only ever wear once – it’s all the memories that are associated with it which means you will never want to wear it again. However, others want to get the most out of their dress and wear it to birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

Whichever you want to do, you’ll want to make sure you have the latest prom fashions for this year. It’s easy enough to rely on that little black dress, but prom is a competition and everyone wants to stand out. Choosing the style of prom dress is easy – the hard part is not showing up in the same dress as someone else.

Prom Dresses

Buying your dress the year before can help to make sure you don’t turn up in the same outfit as someone else. However, many stores offer the same lines of dresses year after year, so make sure you’re choosing something that is limited edition or has a short run. Occasion dresses don’t vary much in terms of what’s in vogue; simply pick short or long and you’re good. Prom dresses are an exceptional to the rule; it doesn’t matter very much whether they stick to the season’s styles or colours. Go for something you love or something you feel comfortable in: short prom dresses and long prom dresses are equally fantastic on the right body shape.

Prom is something that causes a lot of cat fights and arguments, so don’t let it get to you, especially on the night itself. Remember that no matter how many months you prepare in advance and how much time and money is spent on your hair and make up for the event, you won’t care half an hour after you’ve got there. You’ll be having too much of a good time!

Choosing a prom dress

Make sure you have your shoes and jewelry planned out as well as your dress. If you’re buying a long dress, take it shoe shopping with you and make sure the length falls properly. If your prom dress is too long, have it taken up professionally rather than trying to do it yourself. It’s more costly, but it will look so much better.

Choose your prom dress for 2012 because you love it, not because you have shoes or earrings that would go great with it. The focus will be on your dress, so choose that first and work round it. But remember – prom isn’t all about the dress. So remember to relax and have fun!

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Best Toning Shoes and Shape Up Shoes

Shape up shoes, which reportedly help tone your legs and butt have been popular for a while now, and whilst they aren’t strictly designer brands, they are from well-known sporting brands and copycat companies.

These shoes are kind of expensive considering that they aren’t designer, but shoes that promote a better body sound good to me!

If you wear high heels a lot, especially designer heels, it’s good to give your feet a break from time to time. These sneakers, trainers and sport shoes will do just that, and help you shape up at the same time.

Bargain Toning Shoes

Getting discounts on toning shoes is much harder and they don’t often go on sale. You certainly won’t find them in online designer sales or sample sales! The best thing to do is find a website which offers a discount and be ready to check out online shoe sales.

Unlike their designer shoes, ordering from the manufacturer isn’t necessary as there are very few fakes around and plenty of reputable suppliers. Ordering straight from the brand’s website can be the most expensive option, so remember to check for cashback offers and discount codes before checking out! The best easy tone, shaping and toning shoes are made by Reebok and Skechers, so get shopping at eBay to find the best bargains.

Do toning shoes really work?

The jury’s still out on this one; some people swear by shape up shoes, whereas others think they are just a gimmick. Having tried some Avon toning sandals myself, I was surprised to find that my legs, particularly my calves, had to work a lot harder going upstairs. However, I believe that you’d have to wear your shape up shoes all the time to see any noticeable benefits, and of course you won’t see a difference unless you have a healthy diet and active lifestyle anyway. But they’re worth a try, definitely! Especially as you can now get shoes, sandals and boots to cover all seasons of the year.

Good luck, and have fun toning up with the best toning shoes and shape up shoes!

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Party Dresses

If you have an important party to attend, then naturally you will want a great outfit to look at your best. Finding suitable party dresses has never been easy, but thanks to the internet you can now view a huge range of potential outfits, which must reduce the chances of turning up in the same dress as someone else!

Having this large range to browse makes finding the kind of party dress you want much easier than having to walk around the shops. Even if you are only looking on the internet to get fashion ideas, then it will still make your eventual shopping trip much easier, as you will know which High Street shops to visit. The main issue with shopping online is buying the right size of dress so that you achieve a good fit. However, if you leave plenty of time before your big event and check the online store’s returns policy, you’ll have enough time to return the dress should that be necessary.

Party Dress

The large choice of dresses online means that whatever you are looking for, you should be able to get plenty of ideas for potential buys. Whether you are a teenage girl looking for a dress to attend a friend’s birthday party, a university student attending a party organised by your favourite student club, a 30 something attending the office Christmas Party, or a lady looking to wow at her gold wedding anniversary party, you’ll easily find designs that are relevant to you.

So, what are the current trends in party dresses for Autumn/Winter 2011? For young women, cut out dresses, mesh dresses, animal prints and bold colours are all in. In general, lace, sequins and other embellishments are in. On trend colours include mocha and nude, and bold prints and animal prints are also in. Of course, you still have all the classics such as a Little Black Dress or a blue satin cocktail dress.

Party Dresses

Whatever social engagements you are planning to attend, we hope you enjoy the party season, and are sure that the internet will help you find some wonderful party dresses to help you look and feel your best.

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