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Christmas Party Style Guide

Girls, if you’re wondering what to wear to your friends’ or work Christmas party, look no further than our style guide! It’s packed with tips, but if you want to add your own comments or experiences, feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

Tip #1 Location, location, location

Think about the venue’s location. If it involves a lot of walking and stairs to get to, it’s worth wearing flats to travel there and then switching to your high heels for the party itself. It’s no fun turning up to a party with hurty feet, and you’ll be glad of your flats after a long night out. The thin ballet shoes that fold up easily work really well.

Bonus tip: Be careful of short skirts and dresses on escalators and stairs!

Tip #2 Wear something you’re comfortable in

There’s no point wearing something gorgeous if you know you’re going to be picking at the shoulders, pulling down the hem etc. all night. Wear something you know will work without you having to worry if it’s sitting right.

Tip #3 Choose what you wear based on the situation

Don’t wear your favorite designer clothes or shoes if you know that the party is going to end up rowdy with drinks getting spilled. Save your best shoes for more demure nights in classy locations. Avoid dry clean only if you’re expecting the night to end up wild, and try to avoid expensive scarfs and coats which may get lost when you get drunk!

Tip #4 Add a splash of color

If you’re going for flattering black, jazz up your outfit with a pair of bright shoes or boots. Alternatively, if you’re going for bold colors or patterns, opt for simple black or single color heels for a more dramatic look.
Happy holidays everyone!

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Sample Sale

Just a quick post to let you know about a new sample sale happening!

Great news for New York fashionistas who want to buy some designer goodies this season.

The Haute Hippie Fall Sample Sale will run from December 12th to December 16th (9am to 6pm). It’s taking place at 336 West 37th Street, Suite 460.

If you can, get down to Manhattan for some great fashion bargains!

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Want to guest post at Web Sample Sales?

Now’s your chance! We’re opening up Web Sample Sales to welcome entries from anyone and everyone!

Sample Sale

So if you love to write about fashion, celebrities, sales or tips, we’d welcome a post from you. Here’s what we love to see posts about:

  • Fashion
  • Tips for sales and bargain hunting
  • Budgeting and money saving advice for fashionistas
  • Celebrity fashion
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  • Fashion-related TV shows such as America’s Next Top Model
  • Customising and recycling clothes
  • Jewelry and accessories

If you have an idea for a post that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories, get in touch and give us an outline of what you want to write about – it’ll more than likely be accepted.

Posts must be a minimum of 400 words, and if you’re using images, please make sure they are copyright-free or your own property. Posts will be checked using Copyscape, so please do not copy text from any existing articles on the web. Once published on this blog, you may not re-publish the article anywhere else, even in a rewritten or edited form. You may include up to three links of your own either in the body or in your byline (as well as any relevant links). These can be links to your sites, social media profiles or wherever you like.

Please send any guest posts via our contact page. We look forward to receiving your submissions!

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Sample Sales

Here at Web Sample Sales, we love hearing about the bargains you’ve picked up at the sample sales you’ve visited.

Sample Sales

We’ve had lots of emails of the dilemmas and happy endings you’ve faced trying to grab that last Fendi bag or those Gucci heels. We’ve heard about your desperate attempts to swap, beg, borrow or steal all the best discount designer goods – but we want more!

Sample Sales Stories

Drop us an email with a story of your designer sale escapades and what lengths you’re prepared to go to to grab a designer bargain. Perhaps you borrowed money for a flight to New York, or perhaps a friend helped you out when you didn’t have quite enough money. Whether your story’s about queue jumping, luck in grabbing the last in your size or how you left empty-handed, we want to hear about it!

So drop us an email via our contact page, and you could be in with the chance of having your story featured on the story and possibly even winning some free goodies! Put ‘Sample Sale Stories’ as the subject of your email and get writing. All the best stories will get featured in an upcoming post. Please don’t leave a comment below because we want to feature a brand new post on the site in the next month or so.

Sample Sale

Thanks, and we look forward to reading about your sample sale adventures! Leave a comment below if you have any questions (there’s no word limit or restriction by location, but please try to keep it succinct!)

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