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Designer Handwarmers

Now we’re well into the fall season and quickly heading for winter, it’s time to start thinking about those designer winter warmers. We’re publishing a series of posts based on extra designer clothes you’ll need to keep snug and warm this winter.

We’re starting with designer handwarmers, covering everything from gloves, mittens and fingerless gloves to actual handwarmers in cuff form and the mini hot water bottle type of warmers which can be filled with hot water. There are also more eco-friendly filled versions which just need to be microwaved for a few seconds to heat up.

For classic vintage styles, head over to eBay where you can find many different kinds of handwamers from a wide range of designers. If you’re buying a new designer handwarmer, please buy faux fur rather than real fur if you must buy a fur designer handwarmer.

Designer Handwarmers

Designer Handwarmers

The advantage of designer handwarmers and gloves is that they will last a long time. Winter gets very slippery and handwarmers can be ripped or damaged easily. If you’re buying an actual warming handwarmer, it will retain the heat a lot better and be slower at cooling than its cheaper counterparts.

Furthermore, designer handwarmers are likely to invite a lot of comments, questions and compliments from people. It’s always good to be able to say, ‘Yeah, It’s a designer handwarmer’ and name drop the designer into the conversation too. The disadvantages are that they are easy to leave behind, particularly if they get cold or damp, so don’t forget to pick your handwarmer, gloves or mittens up to avoid having to buy expensive replacements.

Designer Handwarmers

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My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dresses

The show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has created a huge split between those who think the weddings are trashy and those who think they are beautiful. Whichever way your opinion lies, you can’t deny that My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding makes for addicting viewing!

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dresses

Occasionally at WebSampleSales, we like to go beyond the designer look to slightly more distinctive looks, and we think that the brides from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding are extremely brave in their choice of wedding dress.

The pink wedding dresses are even more eye-catching, and make a change from the traditional white or ivory if you’re looking to make a statement. We admire the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding brides and bridesmaids for their bold use of puffball dresses, multiple floaty layers and big tiaras.

My Big Fat Gypsy weddings don’t come cheap, and the dresses are no exception. The weddings are rumored to cost the equivalent of more than a hundred thousand dollars, and are usually closer to $200,000. As the wedding dresses are so big, they require a lot more fabric which pushes the price up. A typical My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dress is also embroidered with hundreds of small diamond-style jewels on the bodice, which are often hand-sewn in the same manner as young girls’ pageant dresses. These intricate details add to the cost, and don’t forget the additional bumping up of the price just because it’s a wedding dress.

With that said, this style of wedding dress really does make you feel like a princess, and makes it impossible to mistake who the bride is – a potential nightmare on your special day.

Here are two of our favourite dresses from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding:

Gypsy Wedding Video

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, here’s a quick clip from it:

Do you love My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’s wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, or think they are way too trashy to wear? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Reese Witherspoon Style

As part of a new feature on our designer sales blog, we’re going to be looking at a series of different celebrities’ styles and showing you wear you can find the same or very similar dresses, shoes, bags, jeans, trousers, jewelry and more.

So whether you love designer clothes and designer sales or you want to copy celebrity style and celebrity couture at a fraction of the cost, we’ve got something great for you.

First up is Reese Witherspoon. The Reese Witherspoon style is super easy to copy if you know what you’re looking for. Reese is an actress and busy mom, which means she has everything from designer black tie outfits and designer dresses to slouch pants and sunnies to do the school run.

Reese Witherspoon Style

If we were to describe Reese Witherspoon style decisions further, we’d say it’s a typical American look with something of British overtones in her light floral dresses, block colour designer heels and casual pants. One of the staples of Reese’s wardrobe is her black cardigan – and you can copy her easily as they are widely available from $9.99 to $199.99 depending on where you buy. Another easy to copy staple is Reese’s black leggings, which aren’t an groundbreaking designer fashion item but are simple and cute, especially if you have good legs like Reese.

Psst…if you’re interested in getting Reese Witherspoon hair styles, check out our Reese Witherspoon hair post.

Red Carpet Style

Reese has a cute babyface, so even approaching middle age she can get away with the style of a twenty-something year old. Reese Witherspoon style for the red carpet is very classy, but again she has a signature twist, getting the balance just right. Reese Witherspoon’s style and attention to detail with her red carpet couture means she looks classy but not boring, avoiding the common stereotypes of fashion magazines. Reese Witherspoon proves you don’t have to wear a deliberately attention-seeking outift to stand out on the red carpet, and as an established actress we think that she is one beautiful fashionista!

Reese Witherspoon Fashion

Reese Witherspoon fashion is suitable for a wide range of occasions, and we really wish she’d bring out her own celebrity clothing line – but she’s a busy lady, so we’ll forgive her if she doesn’t have time! Reese Witherspoon fashion generally consists of practical and relatively simple designer clothes, which is great for a classy and sophisticated look that doesn’t take too long to put together.

Celebrity Style

Happily, this means that whether you’re a party animal or you prefer casual clothes, Reese Witherspoon’s style has something you can identify with at some level. She shows that you can have a stylish wardrobe that’s also comfortable, and she makes the ‘what to wear’ pages of fashion magazines on a regular basis.

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ESPIRIT Flash Sample Sale

We have a fantastic weekend discount for you today!

Take advantage of the ESPIRIT flash sale this weekend and next week to save $$$$ on your purchases when you buy online from the US store.

ESPIRIT has a huge range of fashion goodies to choose from, so if you need your clothes, bags, or shoe fix, head over to espirit.com and see what takes your fancy. They have some super cute clothes in stock at the moment, so don’t miss out.

You can get a huge 40% off at ESPIRIT by entering voucher code OCTSALE11 when you check out to take advantage of this fantastic offer. Please note that this sale code excludes online outlet merchandise, and can’t be combined with any other promotion or discount or applied to previous purchases.

Other than that, go crazy shopping! But be quick – this discount ends on the 18th October.

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