Designer Sample Sales

Designer sample sales are a great opportunity to pick up some fantastic fashion bargains. However, designer sample sales aren’t for everyone. As you know, designer clothes tend to run small, and as sample sales are limited, you may have trouble getting items in your size – particularly if you wear one of the most common dress sizes. However, if you’re tiny, designer sample sales can be fantastic.

If you’re looking for bargain designer accessories however, then sample sales are practically guaranteed to appeal to you. Whilst designer shoes again depend on size, jewelry, purses and other bags suit anyone and everyone. Sample sales are a great way to source rare and new premium designer accessories such as Fendi bags and Gucci purses in classic colours such as black and white. If you’re a fashionista who prefers to set trends and be seen with the latest designer shoes or jeans, it’s definitely worth tracking down sample sales in your area to get huge discounts on premium brands.

Designer sample sales are often limited to big cities, meaning that LA sample sales and NYC sample sales are easier to come across but people in other areas may not be as lucky. This is where the internet comes in; you can track down tons of sample sales online. You have to be organised though as many online sample sales last a matter of hours (most frequently a day), so it’s important to sign up to as many newsletters as possible and check your emails on a regular basis so you don’t miss out. Subscribing to big fashion blogs and designer brands’ websites can also help you stay on top of web sample sales. However, remember that online designer sales sell out super fast and are even more competitive than exclusive offline sales.